Ketamine Infusion Treatment in New York City

Ketamine infusion therapy involves the administration of a series of infusions for the management of psychiatric disorders
(e.g., major depressive disorder, acute suicidality). Ketamine is a noncompetitive N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor
antagonist that has traditionally been used for the induction and maintenance of anesthesia. In ketamine infusion clinics,
psychiatric-mental health advanced practice nurses (APRNs) and psychiatric-mental health RNs are collaborating with
other psychiatric and health care providers to provide ketamine therapy services for individuals with chronic and
medication resistant mental health disorders.

What to Expect

Before Your Treatment Prior to starting Ketamine Therapy, several essential steps ensure your safety and suitability for
the procedure. You’ll undergo a thorough evaluation, including a detailed medical history, psychiatric examination, and
other tests that may be required based on your unique medical history. This evaluation helps determine if Ketamine
Therapy is appropriate and safe for you, ensuring your overall well-being during the treatment. Additionally, you will
receive comprehensive information about Ketamine Therapy to make an informed decision before signing a consent form.

The informed consent will include information about alternate FDA approved treatment alternatives, safety precautions,
contraindications, benefits, and possible side effects that may be experienced during the treatment. Your clinician may
also adjust your current medications to optimize the effectiveness and safety of Ketamine Therapy.

During Treatment Ketamine Therapy is administered as part of a customized treatment plan over the course of several
weeks, which may include evaluation and management sessions, medication management sessions, individual and group
psychotherapy to complement your ketamine treatment sessions. Before each session, you will undergo a brief
examination by a clinician, where the procedure’s risks and benefits are reviewed. Ketamine treatments will be
administered through an IV infusion . During the treatment, your vital signs will be closely monitored, ensuring your safety
and comfort throughout the session. Each treatment session typically lasts around 40 minutes, after which you’ll be
closely monitored by the treatment team before leaving.

After Your Treatment Following the ketamine infusion, you may experience the effects of Ketamine, though these vary
from person to person. Recovery time may vary for each patient and all patients are advised to refrain from driving,
immersion in water, using alcohol, or making any significant legal and financial decisions for 24 hours.
Ketamine IV Therapy has shown promising relief for depression, especially for those who have not found success with
traditional treatments. If you’re interested in exploring Ketamine Therapy further, reach out to us today for more
information and to schedule a consultation with our experienced team of professionals.